ICT Services

Engineering (Planning)

Our goal is to develop high-quality Engineering Planning for our customers that maximize regional benefits while making efficient use of the existing network and systems.

PMD MS  does various types of planning for multiple customers.

Types of Planning:

  • OSP planning (Route planning)
  • MSAN and GPON planning
  • Transmission planning
  • Microwave planning

Our planners are all trained and approved to work on Telkom Software Systems.

PMD MS  planners can also do Traffic planning as well as Divert planning from 2 Meg up to 10 Gig services.


Site surveying, future installations and upgrades

  • Determining the Scope of Work for new and/or future requirements and installations
  • Site Visit, Site Inspection and Compiling site survey reports and documentation (Site Audit).
  • Site access requirements i.e. evaluating existing site infrastructures
  • DCP soil stability tests
  • Line of Site Survey (LOS)

Switching, Installations Commissioning, Integration and Network OPT

Switching work and cut over requirements from copper to fibre

  • Installation of various switching equipment – hiQ, Sycamore hiG 1600, Softswitches
  • Cutover from copper to fibre networks (E1)
  • Management systems and commissioning of new equipment and upgrades
  • Verification of databases

Access and Transmission

PMD MS  deliver a turnkey solution to Engineer, Warehouse, do Site Preparation, Installation, Power Connection, COC, Commission and Integrate SDH and DWDM Equipment for multi-vendors.


PMD MS has Telkom certified and experienced planning engineers that can do Access, SDH, DWDM, and Site Preparation Planning. PMD MS  has close to 1000 m3 of secure storage space on our premises with armed response and 24/7 camera surveillance.

Transportation and Warehousing

PMD MS  can transport equipment from anywhere in South Africa to anywhere in South Africa.

Site Preparation

Installation of Wireways, Cabinets, Fibre Cables, and Termination equipment to prepare a site for Occupation.


Installation of MSAN, SDH, Switching, and DWDM Equipment, including all associated copper and fiber cabling.

Power Connection and COC

Our in-house electricians do power connections on all 48VDC installations as well as issue COC documents for all connections.

Commission Integration

Our experienced commissioners work throughout South Africa to commission and integrate all SDH and DWDM systems according to customer specifications. We have the capabilities to test all ports from 100mb/s to 10GB/s and our EXFO MAX TESTER is used to test inter-facility cables to ensure they comply with specifications. In situations where we have to test links with uncommon speed I.E. 8GB/s fiber channel, we rent the necessary equipment to ensure that quality and professional service is rendered. Our Commissioners are very experienced in completing ATP (Acceptance Test Procedure) documents as well as completing the required tests.


Integration of new systems and stand-alone systems

  • Integration of SDH and DWDM network rings and links
  • Analyzing, soak and Bit Error Rate (BER) testing on links
  • Fault finding on fibre readings

PMD MS specializes in DWDM network optimization, optimizing links to align optical power levels of channels and amplifiers to ensure the network complies with customer specifications.



PMD MS provides an ample range of services for the management of projects in Telecom Infrastructure Solutions. It can be elaborated in the following stages:

Power Q/A

  • Power supply routes and reticulation
  • Distribution panel installations and upgrades
  • COC certification

Grounding / Earthing Q/A

  • Site grounding systems and bonding
  • Grounding testing.

GSM Base Stations Q/A

  • New building structures
  • Upgrading and alterations to existing building structures
  • Concrete plinths with sleeve reticulations
  • Mast foundations – setting out, formwork, rebar supply, rebar fixing, sleeve reticulation, and concrete casting.
  • Fencing requirements to secure a site.


OSP fibre work quality assurance (NLD, Mesh, FTTx, Spurs and EBU’s)

  • Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys
  • Laying of Ducts/Cables
  • Rehabilitation of Road Surfaces
  • Road crossing quality assurance
  • River or road crossing(quality assurance)
  • Reinstatements (of all kinds)
  • DIT testing
  • Fibre floating
  • Fibre testing
  • Dolomite Testing


To enable PMD MS to maintain professional services and standards, the teams are equipped and trained on state-of-the-art fiber testing equipment. All detailed planning, installation, and commissioning activities are conducted to fully documented procedures, which form an intrinsic part of a total fiber service solution. OHS: QA and Environmental friendly standards and procedures are implemented in order to ensure safe and effective service to all staff, customers, and vendors.



PMD MS has expanded operations within the Civil and OSP Telecoms environment to facilitate civil work requirements on fiber networks as follow:

Project Management Delivery

Forecast, plan and schedule the site rollout to comply with the project’s roll-out schedule in close consultation with the customer.

  • Management of all activities, customer interface to Site requirements and Telecom implementation (Installation, Commissioning and Integration).

Confirm Quality requirements, coordination of troubleshooting tasks, timely delivery of information, personnel, and other resources required to ensure completion of projects on agreed schedules.

  • Provide telecom implementation tools, supervise tools used, provides acceptance certificates to suppliers.
  • Define Health and Safety plans and ensure all statutory appointments are performed for safe working practices.
  • Compiling Project Implementation Plan (PIP) based on customer requirements, time frames, and budgets.
  • Forecast, plan and schedule the site rollout to comply with the customer’s Project rollout schedule in close consultation with the customer and all stakeholders.

Fibre Installations and Splicing

The company has a broad service offering, such as splicing quality assurance on floating and civil works and the telecommunications industry.

PMD MS has acquired tremendous technical and project management expertise and has since successfully established a footprint in Gauteng, Limpopo, North West, Mpumalanga, Free state, and Northern Cape.

The key competitive advantage for PMD MS is direct industry experience coupled with solid project management skills. This has enabled the company to offer a high-quality level of service delivery. Having a highly trained and motivated workforce has enabled PMD MS to deliver projects on time and within budget allocation.

Telecoms and Technology Environment

Due to the growth of technology across the World, Economic growth, Entertainment, Employment, Distance learning, Wi-Fi Network Technology depend more on Fibre Networks, and Broadband creation is a new lifestyle. Choices and stimulating economics everywhere.

All sectors of government and the private sector are increasingly becoming aware that fast communication is vital to economic development.

Responding to local and regional demands, PMD MS provides the installation of cabling technologies that enhance information and communication delivery around the world. PMD MS offers a complete telecommunication service from the installation of fiber optic, technical support, and complacency tests of cable networks.

Service execution

Quality Assurance on Trenching and Cable laying

  • PMD MS does quality assurance on Telecommunications cables that are properly laid in dug-out trenches.
  • PMD MS does quality assurance on the completed trenches are leveled so as to restore the original landscape view.
  • PMD MS does quality assurance on all operations safety standards.

Directional Drilling

  • The specialized directional drill is used where roads and other obstacles need to be crossed and it can’t be trenched
  • The directional drill is navigated through the obstacle where after a pipe is installed to allow for a pathway for the optic cable
  • PMD MS does quality assurance on the Trenching and the clearing of excess earth and neatly leveled off.


Quality Assurance on Cable Fibre Floating

  • PMD MS does quality assurance on Telecommunication cables that are floated along trenches. Inspection chambers are built up along the cable run to provide for ease of access to the cables for routine maintenance work.


Quality Assurance for Civil Works

  • PMD MS uses experienced teams to do quality assurance on excavate trenches.
  • PMD MS does quality assurance on Install ducting and reinstating the trenches to the original condition and ensure it is according to customer specification.


Floating and Splicing

  • PMD MS Suses Certified quality assurance for floating and splicing technicians and ensures that equipment is calibrated.


Vehicles and Equipment

PMD MS is geared to ensure the best possible service and installation to the telecommunication industry with fleet company-owned vehicles at our disposal as well as additional vehicles that can be added if the need arises.

PMD MS has a number of trailers available for the transportation of all the necessary signage equipment and products required on site.

We have qualified personnel along with the required equipment to effect the successful and timeous completion of projects undertaken

Quality Assurance

PMD MS does Quality assurance for Civil Works one of the largest African Telecommunication Service Providers.

PMD MS does daily Quality supervision on Contractors ensuring the following:

  • Health and Safety standards are adhered to
  • Customer Specifications are adhered to while opening the trench, Laying the ducts, and Quality Assurance  on backfilling and trenching
  • Way-leaves are followed
  • SANRAL, Transnet, and JRA specifications are adhered to for road and bridge crossings

PMD MS review and does acceptance of site AS BUILD documentation.



We work as a single united team with market leading professionals to give our