Payroll Management Services

Payroll Administration

  • Contracts for Employees / Contractors
  • Salary structuring
  • Payment administration of statutory costs and PAYE
  • Payslips and annual tax returns if requested
  • Leave administration

Additional services we can assist with such as:

  • Fuel Advance for Business Trips
  • LOAs
  • Flight Tickets
  • Vehicle Hire
  • Credit & Criminal Record checks


HR Services

Recruitment & Managed Services

  • Job Search
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Salary Negotiations
  • Advertising Process
  • Selection Process
  • Performance Management
  • Other supplemental HR functions
  • IR Services

Recruitment and Management Services

We work in conjunction with our clients to determine peak staffing trends and predict Human Capital needs in order to effectively match workforce with workload. PMD MS ensures that clients receive only the highest quality staff to meet their specific workload demands ensuring efficient performance and quality of service at least cost to company.

This includes permanent and temporary staffing, long-term contractual staff members (managed and/or remunerated by PMD MS) and fully outsourced services, with output-based service level agreements.

Permanent Placements

  • PMD MS will only present pre-qualified and pre-screened candidates for your positions, thus saving you time going through all resumes received in response to your job posting.
  • PMD MS gives guarantee on permanent placements as per the placement rate agreed upon (please see pricing schedule).
  • PMD MS fees are on a contingency basis, so no fees are due until the right person for the job has been found.

Additional Services on Request

Payroll Administration which includes:

  • Contract drafting and administration
  • Salary Structuring
  • PAYE, Statutory deductions and Administration
  • Leave administration
  • Payslips and Annual Tax Returns
  • IRP5’s
  • If requested – Credit & Criminal Record checks

Response Handling:

  • Advertise Position
  • Short listing
  • Pre-screening
  • Assist in Interview process and negotiations
  • Letters of regret and other administration activities
  • Assist Client in directly appointing the applicant

We offer Contractor recruitment services that ensure you receive quality people with proven skills for the required tasks – whether on Projects or fixed term Contracts.

Once we placed a contractor, the contractor will be added to PMD MS payroll. We offer clients various additional services:
For Local Candidates:

  • We can provide Accommodation, Transport & arrange Airplane Tickets

For Non SA Citizens:

  • Expense is at 2,5% administration fee.
  • We can provide Accommodation & Transport
  • We arrange for candidates coming in to South Africa by assisting with the Application Documents for a Visas & Work permits & Airplane tickets. Cost to be given separately

We ensure that we are on top of the following legislation changes within South Africa: Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Income Tax, Occupations Injuries and Diseases Act, Unemployment Insurance Act, Skills Development Act, Labour Relations Act.

PMD MS (PTY) LTD POPI Act, No. 4 of 2013


We work as a single united team with market leading professionals to give our clients the highest quality service possible.